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A Large Tree Nursery in Madison, WI


Price for a tree depends upon many factors:

  • Distance from nursery to your site
  • Size of the tree   The 65 inch tree spade has a 4,000 lb rootball. The 90 inch tree spade has an 11,000 lb rootball and much poorer fuel economy
  • Ease (or difficulty) of access to planting site  -  ditches, fenced in yards, other plantings, front or back yard installation
  • Hills / slopes  -  tree spades don't do well with slopes. Small slopes are ok, but we may need to see the property to determine if a truck-mounted tree spade will work
  • Difficulty in roping, and wrapping the tree for transportation
  • To a lesser extent the type of tree

Small trees (Ball & Burlapp) offered by the OTHER guys:

2 - 2.5 inch caliper ball and burlapped tree 32 inch rootball 800 lb rootball $800-$1100
3 - 3.5 inch caliper ball and burlapped tree 40 - 44 inch rootball 1200 lb rootball $900 - $1200

Examples of Trees:

 Small Tree

(OTHER guys)

Medium Tree 

(Trees on Wheels)

Large Tree  

(Trees on Wheels)


Big trees offered by Trees on Wheels

4 - 5 inch caliper spaded tree 60 inch rootball 4,000 lb rootball ~ $2200 *
6 - 7 inch caliper spaded tree 6-7 inch caliper 11,000 lb rootball ~ $3300 *

* More or less depending on your circumstances AND mileage from our farm to your site (current milage charge: 4,000 lb rootball is $7 per mile, 11,000 lb  rootball is $10 per mile.)

* These prices are current estimates, subject to change.

Notice the massive difference in the weight of rootballs.

Our warranty covers installation - trees supplied by others generally do not

Buying a big tree is not like buying canned goods. First it is a living thing. Second a truck mounted tree-spade can deliver only a single tree at a time.

There is a discount for multiple tree orders, using the same treespade.  It takes two trips to plant the first tree. We must first dig the receiving hole, and take the dirt away. Then we bring your tree and install it.  If you purchase a second tree with the same sized rootball, we can remove the dirt and bring a tree is one additional trip. The result is less cost to us, and less expense to you. 

One must anticipate that the arrival of the emerald ash borer (EAB)  will drive prices skyward, as the stock of 10 year old material is quite limited as compared to the demands that will imposed by the loss of 20% or more  of the trees in Dane County.