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A Large Tree Nursery in Madison, WI

Soil-Matched Trees

Soil  Matched Trees   All our trees are raised in native soil, usually for a decade or more. They are accustomed to our winters. Trees are balled and burlaped become a commodity widely trucked throughout these United States. One result is that many landscape trees are grown further South where warmer, longer growing seasons prevail, and where the soil does not match our local dirt. When they are moved north our  local soils and climate create problems. As a Southern grown tree buds out too soon, our Northern Spring weather cold snaps kill them off.  The tree exhausts food energy re-budding. This stress can be fatal.

  • We better understand aftercare for your new tree. Compare our aftercare advice with that given by others. (see Aftercare)
  • We hydrate your new tree four feet deep under high pressure before moving. No one else does!
  • We currently supply to our customers special seaweed composted soil additives for their new tree, free of charge.

When shopping for trees, ask where they were grown?  Ask in what year the tree was harvested? Note the way the trees are cared for at the landscape center.  Observe what provisions are in place for watering nursery stock.   Measure the trunk/root-ball diameters. What is the ratio of trunk to root-ball?