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A Large Tree Nursery in Madison, WI

Why Choose Trees on Wheels

Fresh Dug Trees  At Trees on Wheels, our trees are out of the ground for less than an hour. Note how many landscape trees are asked to survive above ground all summer long or worse, over the winter with a sprinkle of wood chips around their root-balls. Too often these stressed trees are desiccated or nearly dead. Proper over-wintering can be achieved only by deep mulching and heavy hydrating until freeze-up, practices rarely encountered in the industry.  

Plastic Pots   Our deciduous trees have never been in plastic pots. Here is an example of a root-bound tree actually offered for sale. In this photo, the black plastic, partially removed, pot is still visible. Over time, as the roots and trunk of the tree grow (enlarge) the circling roots will actually strangle the delicate outer surface of the tree, killing it.  Of course any warranty will have expired. You have put in a decade or two, and all is lost. At Trees on Wheels when we dig a tree the spades cut all roots.  There are no circling roots to strangle your tree years from now!

  • Take a Tree Tour! You get to see the possibilities, and even pick out the actual the tree you buy!
  • We make  House Calls  to help you choose the best site for your tree.

Soil Matched Trees   All our trees are grown in native Dane County soil for a decade or more.This is important because balled and burlapped trees or potted trees have become a commodity, shipped throughout the states. Trees grown upstate in light, sandy soils become stressed and languish when transplanted to heavy clay soils of Dane County. This is especailly true with Colorado or Black Hills spruces from northern Christmas tree farms.  

Climate  Our trees have lived in Dane County for a decade or more. They are accustomed to our Wisconsin winters. Trees that are balled and bulapped become a commodity, shipped throughout the states. One result is that trees grown in the south, where longer growing seasons prevail, can suffer much stress and even death if they bud out too early and we have a typical Wisconsin spring cold snap.

Hydration  We hydrate your tree four feet deep under high pressure before the move. No one else does!

Root Stimulants   We currently supply our customers a special composted seaweed soil additive for their new tree free of additional charge.

Aftercare  We better understand aftercare. Compare our aftercare advice with that given by others. (See Aftercare)

Personal Attention   Where else can you get a  tree tour, or housecall?

Relevant Issues   When shopping trees ask:

  • Where are they grown?  
  • Ask in what year were the trees harvested?  
  • Note the provisions for tree storage at the landscape center.
  • Observe the provisions in place for watering nursery stock.  
  • Measure the diameter of the trunk as compared to the rootball supplied.
  • What is the trunk to rootball ratio?

Save a decade or more! Landscape for yourself, not the next guy.                  

Choose Trees on Wheels!